The project concerns the design and engineering of a moving light artwork in Eindhoven by Kinetic Humor. It consists of 2 illuminated squares that convert a rotating movement into a linear one (Peaucellier linkage).

The light art work JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHARACTER, DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE CHARACTER was presented for the first time during the 2017 light art festival GLOW.

Given the high time pressure in the project, Kinetic Humor contacted ACE to assist in designing the construction. This concerned the movement mechanism of the squares, the drive mechanism and also the integration with the lighting. ACE has been able to help with the selection of suppliers thanks to its knowledge of the on- and offshore world.

ACE carried out the following work:

  • design and calculation of the horizontal beam for mounting the 2 squares
  • design and calculation of the drive and the construction including the bearing of the square structures
  • designing the assembly method for the lighting boxes
  • assisting in the design of the wiring course
  • assisting in the further realisation process

kinetic humor

kinetic humor

kinetic humor

Kinetic Humor

Kinetic Humor | Ivo Schoofs works in the field of light and art. In the past they have put the Large Fire Tornado and the Large Pendulum Wave on the map as works of light art. 

JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHARACTER, DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE CHARACTER is a 21-metre high installation by this Eindhoven-based light artist. In this large, kinetically interactive light artwork, rotation changes into translation. Through the coloured light and the movement, new characters are created; a new Eindhoven visual language, which both alienates and connects. The repetitive, wonderful movement challenges the viewer to discover new structures each time.

Click here for videos of the moving light artwork.

This project is part of Roundabout Design, a permanent design route in the city centre of Eindhoven to inspire its visitors. This “Roundabout Design” should eventually become a connection between design-oriented institutions such as TAC, the Design Academy, the Philips Museum, the Kazerne, the Van Abbemuseum, the DesignHuis, the Schellensfabriek, the NRE site and the VDMA.